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DDDDMDDMMM is a simple typing game. Birthed from the likes of Nintendo’s Game & Watch Manhole and those ridiculously stressful blinking platforms from Donkey Kong Country, DDDDMDDMMM sees the players tasked with guiding their little goblins and ogre minions to the other side of the screen without any accidental deaths.

Goblins are the little green guys. They’re super fast and run to the right. Ogres are quite large and quite slow and go to the left.

Power is used to activate the manhole covers. These last for about three seconds before deactivating. Power is given as needed based on minions on screen. This was done to prevent people with mechanical keyboards spamming keys. Note that the power also only goes to 10 (10 fingers).

Created for the 29th Ludum Dare Game Jam.

Chaz Louviere 2014

 Twitter: @crashbanito